Mobile banking app implementation

feat. Hong Kong first eKYC Bank Account Opening

Client: Hong Kong local consumer bank

Duration: Mar-17 to Mar-18 (12 months)

Position & Role Played: Application & Integration Architect


The local consumer bank in Hong Kong has embarked on the initiative to introduce a cutting-edge, mobile-only virtual banking platform. This platform is characterized by a hybrid app design coupled with a robust microservices architecture for its API backend.

Pioneering in its approach, the new mobile banking application leads by offering the first-ever eKYC Bank Account Opening feature. Additionally, the platform integrates webchat and robo-advisory services, marking a significant shift towards a comprehensive branchless banking experience for its customers.

In tandem with these advancements, the mobile banking app has adopted the latest in UI/UX design principles through the implementation of the Design Thinking methodology. Furthermore, the project embraces an Agile delivery methodology to enhance efficiency. The application itself is developed using Ionic hybrid single-page application technology, complemented by a microservices Restful API backend crafted with Spring Boot and Swagger UI. This strategic combination ensures a sophisticated, user-centric, and technologically advanced mobile banking experience for the bank’s clientele.

My Contribution:

I played the Application & Integration architect role to help the Agile team with

  1. Development of Microservices Architecture Framework: Spearheaded the design and development of a robust microservices architecture framework for the Restful API of the mobile banking platform.
  2. Establishment of URI Naming Convention and Versioning Standard: Formulated a comprehensive naming convention and versioning standard for the Restful API URIs, ensuring consistency and clarity.
  3. Migration Strategy for API Backend Transition to Private Cloud: Devised an effective migration strategy for seamlessly transitioning the on-premise API backend to a private cloud environment, optimizing operational efficiency.
  4. Design and Advisory for DevOps CI/CD Pipeline: Provided strategic advice and actively participated in the design of a DevOps Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline, facilitating agile software development practices.
  5. Planning and Execution of Restful API Performance Testing: Led the planning and execution of rigorous performance testing for the Restful API, ensuring optimal functionality and responsiveness.
  6. Production Cutover Management and Post-Implementation Support: Managed the production cutover process and provided ongoing support post-implementation to ensure a seamless transition and sustained operational excellence.