Gaming Company DR Orchestration Project

Client: An Australian Gaming company

Duration: Jun-21 to Oct-21 (5 months)

Position & Role Played: Lead Application Architect


Following a significant production data center outage incident in 2020, an Australian-based gaming company made the strategic decision to migrate its core wagering and CRM applications from an aging data center in New South Wales (NSW) to a more resilient and modern facility in Queensland (QLD).
The migration strategy involved executing a phased Disaster Recovery (DR) failover for critical wagering and CRM applications, transitioning them from the NSW data center to the QLD data center. Throughout this process, our team meticulously identified system dependencies, integrations, and interfaces of migrating applications. We also conducted essential system configuration changes and interface re-pointing for both migrating and non-migrating applications to ensure a seamless transition.
The entire application migration was meticulously executed through three well-coordinated migration waves, ensuring a comprehensive and resilient relocation of the company’s critical systems.

My Contribution:

I played the only Application Architect role in assisting the infrastructure delivery team with

  1. Client Workshop Facilitation: Conducted workshops to facilitate application and infrastructure discovery and assessment for clients.
  2. Application Migration Design: Identified critical wagering and CRM applications eligible for migration.
  3. Dependency and Interface Analysis: Analyzed dependencies, integrations, and interfaces of migrating applications with the focus on interactions with other applications.
  4. Data Synchronization Strategy: Provided strategic advisory on data synchronization and replication strategies for application migration.
  5. Migration Planning and Sequencing: Advised on migration complexity, sequence, and planned migration waves.
  6. Code and Configuration Guidance: Guided application and infrastructure teams on necessary code and configuration changes.
  7. Disaster Recovery (DR) Runbook Review: Thoroughly reviewed the Disaster Recovery failover runbook.
  8. DR Failover Supervision: Supervised the execution of Disaster Recovery failover and conducted post-migration application health testing.
  9. Post-Implementation Support: Provided ongoing support post-implementation to ensure the success of the migration process