Cloud Transformation Solution Architecting

Client: Various companies in various industries

Duration: Nov-21 to present

Position & Role Played: Cloud Solution Architect


As a committed Cloud Transformation Solution Architect, my primary responsibility involves formulating proposals in response to Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and sole-source deals emanating from Australian enterprises and government agencies. In my capacity as the lead architect, I orchestrate and oversee the integration of solution components from the UI/UX architect, application architect, security architect, and infrastructure architect. My role entails providing constructive feedback to refine the solution, ensuring its alignment with client needs, and maximizing value delivery. This approach is geared towards enhancing the overall win rate and delivering optimal solutions for our customers in the realms of cloud migration and modernization.

My Won Solutions:
  1. Azure cloud migration project of 47 applications for a local liquor company
  2. OCI cloud migration project for a set of 24×7 critical lifeblood applications of an Australian government agency
  3. Splunk implementation project for an Australian government department
  4. HCM and Finance transformation project to Workday SaaS for a local Australian bank
  5. Optimization of the application portfolio for over 1,600 IT assets was undertaken for a New Zealand bank, involving cloud migration, modernization, and reimagination.